April 21, 2018

It's been months and I've discovered the best product for my skin and body. Some are the first time and others were I keep coming back and use them again and again. 

Well, me becoming a regular customer. 

So today, let me share all these kinds of stuff that I love for my morning and night routine. All these products are considered to be my best whitening, skincare, beauty, slimming and acne products that I been using for the past 2 months.

[You can skip reading if your Filipino. Just watch the video below:]


Please Note: This post is based only on my personal experienced. So wag niyo ako i-judge! hehe

Cyleina Organic Tomato Whitening Soap

When choosing the right soap for my skin, I always struggle. It's either good for my body, but not on my face or vice versa, and really a tough battle. 

Fortunately, while looking for a soap to try at Watsons I saw this product. I have this second thought of deciding to buy it or not. In the end, I just take a leap of faith and try. 

Who knows right? 

Then there you go, it's a miracle product! It's really an amazing soap that works both on my face and body. That's seldom to happen since my face is delicate except the body. Read my review here!

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Water 

This is not the first time I tried a micellar water, actually, it's my second time product. The first one was Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. I  used that makeup remover on my nightly routine. Although I still rinse with water, I'm not contented with the result. Not with the Garnier because I tried using it for a couple of months with no rinse off, I rarely get pimple breakout. 

But in recent days, I found this blog post from:
Photo ScreenShop From Google Search

It says there is a cancer-causing ingredient in this product so I got dilemma. Is this true? Comment, please.

All in One Maintenance Toner by Dr. Alvin & Sunblock Cream

Sorry, I forgot to mention Sunblock Cream in the video. So far, this product is the best of all sunblock cream that I already tried. It does protect from UV rays while smoothening the skin with regular use. It's a good primer though. Using it with the maintenance, toner your away from breaking out.

Celeteque Acne Solutions Oil Control Toner

Like the Maintenance Toner, this product works as well. And there's a lot more that is the oil control. This will help your makeup for an extended time.

Belo Glutathione with Collagen 60 Capsule & MYRA Vitamin E [Benefits on Acne-Prone Skin]

We should not only care for the skin but also our health., This is also necessary for nutrients inside the body. Belo & Myra E does work by its power antioxidants. They serve as a protective agent for our skin and body. They brighten up our skin by decreasing the melanin pigment. I like it because I do not get a pimple breakout while taking the product so its a plus.


 Our health is our wealth. So we need to take care of our body by consuming vitamins and minerals. This health drink helps me lose more pounds while eating Keto friendly food and performing 16-8 classic intermittent fasting. [You don't have to do the keto or IFO, just don't eat too much] 

Well, I do it regularly, since then I observed I become fit throughout. I got all the benefits from all these organic herbs considering that is the main ingredient of both the health drink and my [DIY] slimming capsule.

What about you? What are your favorite best whitening, skincare, beauty, slimming and acne products?

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